Frequently Asked Questions


Why Perfect Vision Consulting?


We provide advisory services to principals and corporate leadership. Let us sit down with you and explain where we come from. With over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience and established company success, we can help you tackle most tasks through our Principal and the Company's associates.


Which industries do you focus on?


Clients have included domestic and international online travel agencies, tourism organizations, luxury hotels and resorts, luxury apparel and luxury jewelry. Consulting services included new business development, sales and distribution strategy, new market development, product line review and development, e-commerce review and marketing strategy. 


How can you help us drive sales?

 We can help you refine your company's value proposition with consistency. We can lead your sales team to maximize sales productivity, create a unified message and focus on effective, modern interactive sales strategies. I can assist you with hiring and recruiting a top-performing team to pave the way for the future.